Friday, 17 June 2016


Why do we have wide open streets and closed minds?
Why do we spend more and have fun less?
Why do we have more experts, and yet many more problems?
Why do we drive so fast, and always arrive late at meetings?
Why do we stay up late, and wake up tired?
Why do we watch so much TV, and read less, especially our Bible?
Why has living become so important, but life is not worth much anymore?
Why is it we went to the moon, and yet we cannot cross the street to help a neighbor?
Why do we create bigger things, but not better?
Why did we spoil not only the air, but also our souls?
Why is it that we were able to destroy the atom, but not our prejudices?
Why is it we learned how to run, but never learned how to wait?
Why did we build big stronger computers, but we communicate less and less.
Why do we have bigger and more beautiful homes, but broken families?

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