Monday, 27 June 2016

A crowded, congested St Julian’s

St Julian's Bay on a moonrise evening
My hometown of St Julian’s has changed tremendously from the years when I was growing up, or even from the time when I left Malta in 1981. These three photos show its beauty, its quaintness and also its ever growing skyline. One can find a nice promenade where people stroll by in the evening hours, and where others exercise in the early hours of the morning. 
The skyline is now dominated with tower cranes working on construction, apartments and what we may call mini-skyscrapers. The number of restaurants and hotels have exploded also, and one has to book in advance to get a table on any given night. Well, as I stroll by and enjoy an occasional walk, I hear all kinds of languages spoken, as people from every country visit as tourists. I hear some Maltese being spoken too, but this has become the minimum too as the whole place is saturated with foreigners and visitors.
St Julian's Bay, looking from the other direction

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