Sunday, 19 June 2016

39th anniversary

My Ordination Holy Card from June 19, 1977
I celebrate today with my classmates 39 years of priesthood, as I recollect the years of ministry I offered to the people in Malta, New York and Oregon. I have learnt from every assignment, I received much more than I gave to others, and I look back with gratitude and serenity all the lives I touched, those I tried to help and those who have benefitted from my life, which I offered as a service to the Lord and to my people. I recommit my dedication and availability to those who may need my help. I am grateful that through the miracle of e-mail, I can be reached within a few seconds, and through this blog, I keep in touch with those who have followed my blog since early 2012, as they check for some daily inspiration and food for thought. 
Along with my classmates, I will spend some time in prayer on June 21 and 22, and together we will be celebrating Mass on Wednesday June 22 at Dar il-Providenza chapel. This is probably one of the few occasions where we will all be together. 


  1. Congratulations on your 39th Anniversary! You are an extraordinary pastor and shepherd with a big heart for his people.... you leave your footprint behind wherever you go.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary, Fr. Julian, and thank you for all you give us.

  3. Congratulations, Fr. Julian. And we still miss you lots!