Monday, 7 May 2018

The Heart

This one-syllable, 5-letter word has a variety of meanings. When used in everyday language, the multiple connotations of heart prove endless.
Have a heart – to be compassionate and merciful.
Speaking from the heart – honestly expressing one’s deepest feelings and beliefs.
Set one’s heart on –to wish for intensely, pursue with determination.
Take to heart – to consider seriously, think about.
From the bottom of one’s heart – with complete sincerity.
Have one’s heart in the right place – to have good intentions.
Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve – to allow one’s intimate feelings be known to all.
By heart knowing exactly, word for word.
In one’s heart of hearts – deep within oneself.
Cross one’s heart – to maintain the truth of a statement, affirm one’s integrity.
At Heart – basically, in reality, fundamentally.
Take heart – to regain courage and strength.
Heart and soul – fervently, completely, enthusiastically.
Lose one’s heart – to fall in love.

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