Tuesday, 1 May 2018

St Joseph the Worker

To foster deep devotion to Saint Joseph among Catholics, and in response to the “May Day” celebrations for workers sponsored by Communists, Pope Pius XII instituted the feast of Saint Joseph the Worker in 1955. As we honor all workers today, I offer this prayer in honor of the patron saint of workers on his special day.
We pray today for the protection of St. Joseph, spouse of Mary and father of Jesus. In a special way today we pray for all workers, so that they can see in him a model of dedication, sincere loyalty and love for his family. We pray for those who work with their hands and their brain, and with the sweat of their brow to earn a living to support their family. We remember those who work outdoors in the hot summer months or cold wintry days.
Give protection to those who serve us daily without getting any recognition at times, police officers, doctors, nurses, mailmen and women, greengrocers, farmers and fishermen, those who clean up after us, those who inspire us by what they write and report, those who serve us in churches and nursing homes. We acknowledge every housewife who cleans, washes and cooks, and oversees everything that we need, their husbands who are there to support them day in, day out, those who embellish our environments by their talents, artists, musicians and other entertainers, and those who participate in sporting activities.
We pray that everyone does his job in all honesty, and in particular those whom we elect to govern us and lead us, members of local councils and groups who work behind the scenes, may they act responsibly as they recognize their duty and perform it loyally. And may they work with humility and a sense of commitment, appreciating also the fact that they can at least earn a living by their work. We pray especially today for those who are searching for work, so that the Lord will provide them with a decent job. St Joseph, patron of workers, pray for us. Amen.

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