Tuesday, 15 May 2018


With the ongoing struggles between the Israelis and Palestinians, I share with you a story told by St Teresa of Calcutta about the gift of sharing and getting along, in spite of major differences.
“One day a man came to our home and told me that there was a Hindu family with 8 children who have not eaten in a week. He asked me if I could help them. So I took a bag of rice and went to their place, and as soon as I arrived, I noticed the pain of hunger on all the children’s faces. But as soon as I gave them the rice, I noticed the mother divide the rice in two portions. And she went outside and left me alone with the children. When she returned I asked her, ‘What did you do, where did you go?’ And she answered softly ‘They are hungry too....’ She had gone to their neighbours, who were Muslims and gave them half of the rice. Now understand that Muslims and Hindus do not get along and often fight fiercely with each other. But she knew that they were hungry too. That day I did not return to give them more rice, so that she could enjoy the joy of giving, the pleasure of sharing. What surprised me the most however was the fact that she knew they were also hungry.” Do we know if our neighbours need some unusual help? Are we aware of any need in our neighbourhood? How willing are we to share with those who have practically nothing?

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