Thursday, 3 May 2018

30 years ago

Back in 1988, I was stationed at Holy Spirit Church in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York and every morning , at exactly 8:45 AM and again at 9:15 AM, the Concorde used to pass over us. First it was the Air France plane and then it was the British Airways plane. During the 9 AM Mass, we had to stop around 9:15 AM, usually sometime during the Offertory to let the plane pass, with its sonic boom noise that would not let us continue with the Mass for a minute or so. Parishioners got used to it, just as we did. It was quite a sight seeing that big bird fly by, and very rarely it was delayed, arriving on time every single day.
On another occasion the Space Shuttle was flown over us, being carried as a piggy-back ride on a Jumbo Jet, heading towards JFK Airport for a stop-over before heading toward Cape Canaveral in Florida. And of course I was there with my camera taking photos of these historic events. The photos are not very sharp, as this was the age before digital cameras, but I’m sure you’ll appreciate these historic images.

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