Saturday, 12 May 2018


Tomorrow we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. I share this reflection today since tomorrow is Mother’s Day. There is a legend about Jesus’ arrival at heaven. The saints and prophets greeted Him as He arrived, and were amazed when they saw the wounds in his hands and feet and his side. They told Him, “Do the people on earth realize how much you suffered for them? And whom are you leaving behind you to continue the precious work you already did?” Jesus answered quickly, “well, I left a group of friends, whom I called apostles to continue the work I started. It’s completely up to them now.” The reaction was quite forceful and emphatic “you mean to tell us you just left the apostles....that is Peter who denied you, Thomas who would not believe your resurrection, and Philip and Bartholomew who ran away when you needed them the most to pray with you! You must be about a back-up plan? What if they falter, who is going to continue the journey of Christianity?”
Jesus answered emphatically “no, I have no back –up plan. Either they do the work I entrusted to them, or it doesn’t get done at all. But I believe they won’t let me down.” After 2 millennia, the apostles and their successors have kept the journey of Christianity going, and from 12 apostles, we now have 1.2 billion Catholics....that an increase of 10 billion %. Now it’s all up to us – we have to continue the work started by the apostles. If we falter now, the journey will end. So, let’s not disappoint Him.

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