Sunday, 8 April 2018

The other guy

With deep sadness we announce the death of one of our most hard working members of our committee, called Theotherguy. His death will leave an emptiness that will be hard to replace. He has been on the committee since its inception and did more work than any other human person could ever accomplish. Whenever there was a job to be done, every member would say the same thing ‘Let Theotherguy do it.’ Whenever there was a call for volunteers, everybody would assume that Theotherguy would be the first to offer his services. When there were coffee cups to be washed, Theotherguy would be there to wash them. To turn the lights off after everyone has left Theotherguy would be there to do the job. If windows were left open because everyone else was hurried, Theotherguy would make sure they are locked. But if there was an extra overtime to be taken, everyone would apply, so that Theotherguy would not get it. If there was a promotion advertised, someone would apply to make sure Theotherguy would not get it. If there was any financial advantage in a project, everyone will make sure to be on the lookout for any gain, making sure Theotherguy would not get it. Theotherguy was a marvellous person, almost superhuman. All the work that needed to be done was timely avoided by everyone, so that the work will fall on Theotherguy. And he will faithfully do what needed to be done, in time, properly and faithfully. And all that there was to be stolen, acquired, enjoyed and treasured will be taken by anybody, but never Theotherguy. Just about everybody will ignore him or take advantage of him, but Theotherguy will always be there to help, assist, encourage, clean-up and cover up for any mistakes done by others.

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