Saturday, 21 April 2018

Coming to church

Arrive on time. God is waiting for you to forgive you and fill you with his love. Turn off your mobile phone. You have a place reserved for you at the table of the Lord. Don’t keep Him waiting. If you have to go to confession, make sure you do so earlier. Don’t wait till the last 5 minutes.
Dress properly. When you arrive, greet the Lord. Thank Him for the invitation. When passing by the altar, make a bow. When passing in front of the tabernacle, make sure you genuflect properly. Get rid of any chewing gum, and don’t drink or eat anything for an hour before Mass starts. Find a good place in church and prepare yourself reverently. Sing along with the congregation. Think of any failures during the Penitential Rite. Before the Gospel, bless your forehead, your lips and your heart. 
During the consecration, kneel down. Do not speak the words of the priest. During the elevation say in your heart ‘My Lord and My God.’ At the sign of peace, greet only those close to you. Receive communion reverently. Return to your place and kneel down in a spirit of gratitude.
If you have children, teach them to be quiet and never run around uncontrollably. Use the crying room if available. Bless yourself when the priest gives his blessing. When Mass is over, wait till the priest leaves the sanctuary. As you leave church, it’s polite to greet other parishioners and if possible, say hello to the presiding priest.

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