Friday, 20 April 2018

From marriage to religious life

They were engaged and ready to get married when two young lovers discovered a deeper voice inside of them to see what God really wanted from them. The prospective groom is Fr Javier Olivera, and the prospective bride is Sister Marie de la Sagesse, both from Argentina. They knew each other since they were young children, but Javier drifted slightly from the Catholic faith in which they were raised. Since they were both studying law, they started studying together and attending various lectures and even conferences by Argentinean Catholic authors. So they started attending Mass together on Sunday, and their love grew deeper and got engaged at the age of 21. They planned to graduate from University and then get married. Then when Marie’s brother became a monk, they drove him to the Monastery. They asked each other what will happen if God were to call one of them to the religious life. They were already buying things for their eventual home when they started to question themselves about a vocation. So when they finished the law course, they decided to pursue a religious vocation.Fr Javier was ordained a priest at the age of 31 and became a priest of the Diocese of San Rafael, while Marie joined the Sisters of the Divine Mercy. Today Fr Javier is a professor in a University and published a book on doubts in a religious vocation. Sister Marie lives in a convent in the south of France.

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