Sunday, 22 April 2018

The Good Shepherd

The affectionate image of the Good Shepherd shows up annually on this 4th Sunday of Easter, and we honor today all our shepherds who guide us, inspire us and motivate us to stay close to them and follow their leadership. We honor Pope Francis, our Cardinals and Bishops, all pastors and priests, monks and brothers, sisters and seminarians. We honor in a special way all parents and guardians who have a tremendous responsibility to instill in their children a good dose of respect, accountability and responsibility in all they do. We honor also all teachers, coaches, baby-sitters and those who form character in our young people by guiding them through scholastic work, sports, drama and other activities. As we see Jesus freeing the lost sheep from among the thorns, may He be present in our lives to protect us from danger, trouble and accidents that are taking from our midst so many young people’s lives. May He also bring harmony and peace in war-stricken areas, in Syria, the Middle-East, North Africa and in other volatile zones.

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