Saturday, 14 April 2018

Looking for Peace

I share a reflection today on the United States official seal. As the US strikes Syria today, let us pray for peace and cessation from violence. I reflect on the seal of the United States because I see a subtle message in it that is often overlooked. I pondered on this often and I am sure it was created as it is, for a purpose, to symbolize a search for peace not war. If you look closely at the seal, you can see the bald eagle clutching in its left claws a dozen arrows (symbolic of war) and an olive branch in the right claws (symbol of peace.) And the eagle is looking at the olive branch, to emphasize that we should always look for peace rather than conflict. It was in 1782 that Charles Thomson created the final design of the US seal. In September that year, the first Great Seal die was cut and used to begin sealing the peace with England. For 236 years now, the Great Seal of the United States has ratified international agreements of peace, cooperation, and trade. Representing the people of America, it seals their promise to other nations. The motto is in Latin: E Pluribus Unum, meaning ‘Out of many, One’ which further accentuates the desire for unity. Let us hope and pray that America and all countries in the world will continue to look for reconciliation, harmony and world-wide peace, as the seal and motto represent.

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