Monday, 2 April 2018

Easter Reflection

A reflection from Easter Day
- Like buds breaking through the parched ground,
- Like chicks freeing themselves from the hard, protective egg,
- Like molten lava bursting out with monstrous force from a dormant volcano,
- So did Jesus broke forth the power of death and darkness and created for himself a New Life, 
a New Beginning¼.
From death to life,
From pessimism to optimism,
From gloom to sheer joy,
From uncertainty to trust,
From darkness to light,
From discouragement to hope,
From lethargy to exuberance,
From sin to redemption,
From incredulity to faith,
From slavery to freedom,
From hesitation to confidence,
From barrenness to fertility,
From oblivion to eternity,
From penance to fulfillment,
From doubt to outright belief,
From ‘Crucify Him’ to Alleluia,
From the Cross to the Paschal Candle,
From Lent to Easter.
May the presence of the Risen Christ bring hopeful joy and a new direction in our lives.

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