Thursday, 21 December 2017

Happy Christmas to everyone!

Happy Christmas to you dear Jack, who have been motionless in bed for many years now. You won’t be able to attend the Midnight Mass, but I will be there to describe what is going on in church. And I want to assure you that Jesus every day leaves his manger to find some warmth in your own bed, to comfort you.

Happy Christmas to you dear Suzanna, who this year settled with your nice family in a new home. May you share your new-found joy and peace with neighbors and new friends and give thanks to God that someone special made you so welcome, appreciated and beloved. 
                                                                                                                                                        Happy Christmas to you Frankie, who will spend a fortune just to have fun with your friends on Christmas night. But staying away from the church will leave a sense of emptiness in your life, as you miss out on the spirit of a true Christian celebration.

Happy Christmas to you Catherine, who plans to get married on December 26. I hope you find time to look deep into the cave at Bethlehem and remember when God married humanity.

Happy Christmas to you Rosanne, who just a month ago signed your separation papers from your husband who left you for another girl. You may feel lonely this festive season, but remember that this is exactly what happened to Jesus when the door was slammed shut in his face at the Inn.

Happy Christmas to you Christopher, who lives at a Nursing Home, where you slumber with Christmas Carols and remember your many childhood memories, and wonder if this would be your last Christmas here on earth.

Happy Christmas to you Antoinette, who at 20 years already feel like you’re 85, and recently you vowed you will never go to church or confession ever again. I hope you can spend a few minutes in front of the Nativity and there re-kindle in your heart the memories of your childhood, memories of peace and joy, memories of belonging and family spirit.

Happy Christmas to you dear Doreen, who just this year discovered your faith again and realized how much God loves you. May you inspire other people to follow your example and walk the same journey you walked to find yourself in His presence.

Happy Christmas to you Simon, who are in prison, all alone and no one visits you anymore, because of the mess you made of your life. But I hope that at least you can find some inner peace.

And Happy Christmas to you little Bethany, who at 5 years old are so happy with your parents and younger baby brothers, ready to celebrate a joy-filled day on December 25.

Happy Christmas to you Mohamed too, who this year will celebrate Christmas as a refugee, away from home, something Jesus can relate to, as he wandered in Egypt for two years and then was not even welcome in his own home town. I hope someone will open their door for you and treat you as a human being.

Happy Christmas to you dear Abby, for whom this Christmas is even more meaningful because you just had a baby of your own. May you look at your baby’s face and see the face of Christ.

Happy Christmas to you Todd who this year will be away from home, fighting a senseless war, away from your family and dear friends. I pray that you stay safe and hope that next Christmas you can be closer to home with your loved ones.

Happy Christmas to you dear Emily who this year will spend this day in hospital as a nurse, comforting the sick patients, giving medicine, feeding them and caring for them – something which will certainly bring you great joy and contentment, by giving the same to others.

Happy Christmas to you dear Billy who spend hours in front of your computer and playing with your cell-phone while sending constant messages. May you find time to communicate with your loved ones by speaking, talking and listening to them, face to face.

Happy Christmas to everyone, to those who are filled with joy and those who are suffering; to the wealthy and to the poor; to the straight and to the gay; to the believer and the atheist; to the lonely as well as those surrounded by friends. I want you to realize that that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, once you get to know Him, you cannot survive without Him. I want you to know that distant from Him, you will get even lonelier, but close to Him, you will be getting close to Heaven.

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