Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Lights

Christmas is the season of hope, joy and love. It is also the season of lights. The biggest light came into the world through the person of Jesus. Displays of light are very common during the month of December. Streets in Malta are well decorated with festoons and strings of lights that shape stars, angels, and other ornaments. Then there is Republic Street in the capital city of Valletta. This year it a fascinating display that is beyond belief. Since Valletta is designated to be the Culture capital of Europe in 2018, a great effort has been made to restore the old capital into a gem, which it always has been. 
But the lights this year have added that extra attraction as you can see from these few photos. There is a huge dome with fading lights that is truly a work of art. One has to see this display in person to really absorb its beauty, but at least these photos are the best alternative. Please do click on each photo to get a better image.

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