Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Power of Candles

Two days ago, we spoke about candles on the feast of the Presentation of Jesus, and we can never underestimate the power of candles. I shared this story today in my homily, and I thought that those who did not hear it, should appreciate it too. It’s a story about an Irish priest, Father Duffy who was greeting the people after Mass one day. He noticed a couple whom he had married a few years earlier... “Mr and Mrs Donohue, how are you....I remember marrying you at St. Patrick’s church 5 years ago....did you have any children?” “No Father, we don’t have any children....we tried many many times, but no children yet, and we’re living in Wales now,” answered a disappointed Mrs Donohue. Father Duffy felt bad and told them “Don’t you worry at all, next week I’m going to the Vatican and I will light a candle for you at St Peter’s majestic basilica.”
Around 6 years later, Mrs Donohue shows up again at Fr Duffy’s Mass with 7 children, all toddlers. He was surprised to see her and greeted her enthusiastically “Oh my goodness, Mrs Donahue, how are’s so good to see you again.....are these all your children?” “Yes Father, since we last saw you, we had triplets, twins and two other babies.” And Father Duffy noticed that Mr Donohue was not with his wife, and asked her “And where is Mr Donohue may I ask?” And she answered him with a stern look on her face “he’s been a Rome for a few weeks, searching for that candle you lit, and trying to extinguish it once and for all!”

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