Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The Crescent Moon

I want to share something with you that I have kept to myself  for many years. But it has proved true just this past month here in Malta. Like many of you I observe the natural phenomena with interest and when I was in the USA, I have always noticed that when the moon is in its crescent phase, the way it appears in the sky tells a lot about what kind of weather we will have in the following month. Most often the crescent moon appears like the second photo I am reproducing here, tilted to its side. 
But whenever the crescent moon appears lying on its back, like a bowl, (like the first photo above,) it always happens that the weather in the following 30 days or so is usually rainy and stormy. And the more it looks like a bowl, the more rain we usually get. And sure enough, towards the end of January, I was driving with my brother and his wife and the moon appeared in its crescent phase in front of us, literally like an expanded or squashed U, or a bowl. And I told him ‘we’re gonna have a lot of stormy weather this month!’ And sure enough February has been the rainiest month in many years, besides the wind, some thunder and lightning and even hail in some areas, not to mention the temperature dipping to 6 degrees Celsius which is equivalent to 43 degrees Fahrenheit. For Malta’s standards 6 degrees is very cold, even though it may feel like a heat-wave in the USA. But folks, keep in mind the crescent moon from now on. I asked an astronomer friend of mine about this, and he never noticed it, but is researching the cause of this phenomena. It always works – and when you notice it looking like a bowl, be prepared for rain in the following month.

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