Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Shadow of the Cross

A semi-professional college diver was training for a spot on the Olympics team, and he usually dives at least 40 to 50 times when he is practicing. One day towards the evening he went into the diving area in the swimming pool and since there was enough light coming from the outside, besides the light coming from the full moon, he did not turn the lights on. There was no one else in the swimming pool and it was quiet and peaceful. When he went on the platform ready for his first dive, he opened his arms and noticed a shadow of a cross from his body on the ground. He was so moved that instead of diving head first, as he usually does, he knelt down in prayer. At that moment a life-guard came in and turned the lights on. To his surprise, the diver noticed that the pool was empty of water, as it was drained for some maintenance. Thereupon he remained on his knees thanking God and the life-guard for saving his life. Because if the lights were not turned on, he would not have noticed that there was no water in the pool, thus preventing a tragic accident which could have proved fatal, since divers always dive head first. Yet another story of the power of the Cross.

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