Monday, 26 February 2018

Camel and baby

One day a young camel asked his mother, “mother can you ask you a few questions that have been on my mind lately?” “Of course” said the mother camel. And the youngster continued “so why do we camels have this hump?” The mother answered wisely “so that when can store enough water in there, and when we get thirsty and we’re in a desert, we can drink from that extra supply!” “OK, next question is: why do we have long legs and flat feet?” The mother answered quickly “Simple my dear, so that when can walk better on the sand, otherwise our legs will get stuck in the soft sand.” “I guess I’ll have to accept that too, but now why do we have these long eye-lashes – sometimes I can’t even see.” “Very simple my son, so that we can be protected from the wind and sand blowing in our eyes!”
Then the young camel stood up and in a disappointed tone of voice asked again: “So if our hump is to preserve water in dire need, and if our legs are to help us walk better on the desert sand, and the eyelashes are to protect us from blowing sand, what on earth are we doing in this city zoo, surrounded by skyscrapers?”
Now think about this: why do we have legs? that we lock ourselves in our cars and get stuck in traffic instead of running among the fields covered with lush grass. Why do we have a mouth? that we eat, smoke, drink, curse, or rather so that we can praise God and say words of encouragement. Why do we have hands? that we can push those buttons and text messages on our cell-phones, or so that we can shake hands with friends and help those in need. Why do we have eyes? that we get glued to TV screens, laptops and Ipads or to enjoy the beauty that God gave us in nature. Why do we have a heart? that we get attached to money and luxuries while we can do so much by sharing our wealth with those who have nothing.

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