Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Does it really matter ?

Whether we wear a $500 watch or a $50 watch, they both show the same time.
Whether we use a $300 leather wallet or a $10 one, the amount of money in each could still be the same.
Whether you drink a $300 bottle of wine, or whether it’s worth $10, within a few hours you are still going to feel drowsy.
Whether you live in a million dollar mansion or a simple hut, joy and happiness does not come from how rich your surroundings are, but how much of a safe neighborhood you live in.
Whether you travel in ‘first class’ or ‘economy class,’ if the plane crashes you’re all going to die, and if it arrives safely, everyone will arrive on time.
Whether you have the latest Samsung or IPhone or a simple home phone, you can still talk to anywhere in the world.
And remember that as long as you have friends you can relate to, you can consider yourself the happiest person on earth.

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