Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Power of Prayer

When we feel all hope has gone, and we slip into despair,
A good friend may remind us, there is the power of prayer.
Life has no further meaning: we have no wish to carry on,
Distraught has taken over our loved ones, dead and gone.

At the time we may feel angry, and say, Lord, it is not fair.
Then we get the inner feeling there is the power of prayer.
In the past we may not realize what the power of prayer can do.
Until we face the crosses that saddens me and you.

Each and everyone of us have borne misery and tears,
The power of prayer is always there to heal our hidden fears.
A loved one may have left us, for a reason we do not know.
Only prayer can help us, the progress can be slow.

It is said that prayer moves mountains: we believe it very true.
If that belief is strong enough, peace will come to me and you.
When the trials of life catch upon us, and we find it hard to bear,
Do not despair! Help is there! It is the power of prayer.

The time may be delayed, but the answer is sure to come,
The feeling of an inner peace is felt when day is done,
With our troubles all behind us; all the hurts we could not bear,
All our peace of mind returned – through the power of prayer.

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