Sunday, 17 July 2016

Prayer to Mary to protect our families

Madonna and child - Orazio Gentileschi 1640
Our Mother Mary, Queen of the Family, we would like to trust our future into your hands, and pray that you stay with us. These are extraordinary days, a time of technological progress and great contradictions. We have in our hands various means which can alter even nature’s process. We are at crossroads and can fall victims to pride and egoism. We know there is no salvation except being close to Jesus, your Son. We have to learn to trust Him too, so that we can do what he instructs us to do.
Most Blessed Mother, we want to take you into our homes, just as John the Apostle did. There you can encourage us and motivate us as we strive to be filled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. To you most loving Mother, we entrust all our families. Stand by us, so that our words and actions will always be to the glory and praise of God, the Creator of Life and Love. Amen.

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