Friday, 15 June 2018

World Cup 2018

The world is presently enraptured in following the final stages of the Soccer World Cup. It is being held in Russia and is held every 4 years, with many preliminary matches to be played to choose the final 32 teams. As of 2026, which will be held in the USA, Canada and Mexico, the teams in the finals stages will be 48, obviously to crown one nation. Over the years, a few elite teams have won the top prize, including Brazil (5 times,) Germany (4 times,) Italy (4 times,) Argentina (twice,) Uruguay (twice,) Spain, France and England (once each.) My memories of World Cup frenzy goes back to my childhood years, starting from 1958 when Brazil beat Sweden in the final, and that’s when my father had bought a television set in black and white, and many of his friends used to come and watch the games. My biggest recollection is the 1966 edition which was held in England and won by England, as well as the 1970 edition held in Mexico, won by Brazil by beating Italy in the grand final. The favorites this year are Brazil, Germany, Spain and France. Unfortunately both Italy and the USA did not make it to the final stages. And please, don't look for Malta - we're too small to even win a game in the preliminary stages, although Iceland, with a smaller population than Malta, made it to the finals this year.

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