Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Class of 1977

Ordination Class of 1977 (click to enlarge)
Here is a group picture of me and my classmates after celebrating Mass at Resurrection chapel yesterday at Hilltop Gardens on the occasion of our 41st anniversary. A nice crowd of families and friends attended who enjoyed the celebration as well as the reception that followed. It is an annual get-together that has been held over the years, each year in a different church. This year we remembered especially Fr Teddy Cumbo, one of us who died this past January. From left to right, they are: Fr. Carmel Mercieca, Msgr. Carmel Farrugia, Fr. Gino Gauci, Fr. Joe Borg, Msgr. Joe Bajada, Fr. Julian Cassar, Msgr. Charles Attard, Msgr. Anton Gouder, Fr. Tancred Sultana, Fr. Walter Cauchi, Fr. Mario Tong. To one and all: Ad Multos Annos!

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