Sunday, 17 June 2018

My soccer career

As the World Cup is going on, and bringing millions of people together in a spirit of fair play and spectacular action, I want to go back in time and share with you three photos that describe my humble soccer career. Back in 1957, when I was just 5 years old, I used to be the ball-boy, also called mascot of the soccer team from my home town of St Julian’s members of the Catholic Action Society. I simply carried the ball and posed for pictures with the team, made up of young men, 4 of whom were uncles and cousins of mine.
The other photo is from my Seminary years where I used to organize a 7-a-side soccer league, encouraging all seminarians to participate. My intention was to involve as many as possible to play, even though some of the seminarians were far from athletic. In this photo from 1972 with 6 others, who are all priests, I was the goalkeeper, standing first on the left in a light-colored shirt.

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