Sunday, 10 June 2018

6 Sins against the Holy Spirit

The Gospel today speaks about the sins against the Holy Spirit, and since I shared them with the people during my 5 homilies this weekend, here they are for you to ponder on, especially since we sometimes take them for granted. Here they are with a brief description:
1.      Despair – when you give up all hope, leading sometimes to suicide. Remember that everything is forgivable, and God is ever merciful.
2.      Presumption – when you think that you can save your life without observing the Commandments, and without following the rules of the church.
3.      Jealousy – when you crave for what other people have, instead of being happy with the blessings God gave you.
4.      Persistence in sin – when you keep repeating the same sins without having any remorse or desire to repent, or change your lifestyle.
5.      Death without repentance – when you’re nearing the end of your life and still refuse to be reconciled with the church, refusing even confession and communion on your death bed.
6.      Denying the truth – when you keep refusing to accept the teachings of the church, as well as other duties and obligations we have, like accepting the gift of life from the first moment of conception.

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