Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Watercolor project 2

Here is another watercolor painting I just finished in my own personal style. It may look similar to the first one I posted over a week ago, but one can see various farmhouses, so typical of the Maltese landscape, a parish church, wayside chapel and a windmill. One can also notice a saint's niche, popular in the Maltese countryside, as well as a gateway, which were built by the Knights of Malta, At the top right hand one can see a gardjola, a sentry-box built over various promontories also by the Knights. A typical tower or castle is also seen on the top, which were built by the Knights to defend us from the invasion of the Turks during the Great Siege in the 16th century. Rubble walls are also very popular in Malta, as are a few cabins made from rubble-wall, called a girna, two of which are also in the painting. Last but not least, the typical colorful fishing boats are waiting for a trip out in the sea by local fishermen. The second painting shows the work in progress, just to see the process I use to paint each section, and before I highlight each building with a distinctive outline. Please do click to enlarge the painting.

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