Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Reviewing 40 years - part 1

With my family and Fr John Galea after my Diaconate ordination in June 1976
On Monday June 19, I will celebrate 40 years since my Ordination with 12 other classmates. Over the next 4 posts, I will share with you a few photos reviewing my pastoral ministry over the past 40 years, in Malta, New York and Oregon. I start today with my early years as a priest in my home parish of St Julian’s, where I served for 4 years, helping with our altar-servers, youth group, baptismal preparation, catechetical instruction, the organization of the village feast of St Julian, plus much pastoral work in the parish. 
My holy card on the occasion of my Ordination and first Solemn Mass.
My first years in the USA were at Holy Spirit parish in New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY, where I served for 10 years. That parish had a big parochial school with 600 children, a large Youth Group and a very active community, with nearby hospitals which kept us very busy. When I started there we were 6 priests and 13 nuns. When I left in 1991, we were just 2 priests and 3 nuns. Obviously I have thousands of photos to share, but I will restrict each post to 5 photos. 
During a First Communion with Ramona Formosa
With 6 priests and 13 nuns at Holy Spirit parish, New Hyde Park, NY
First Communion in 1987 at Holy Spirit, New Hyde Park, NY

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