Monday, 29 March 2021

Holy Week stamps

Holy Week has always been an inspiration for philatelists, both those who designs stamps, and countries who support religious themes, as well as collectors who collect stamps to add to their albums. So many unknown and lesser-known nations issue beautiful stamps with a religious theme, as you can see from these few images.  The first one is the Crucifixion by Mathias von Grunewald from Cameroon, the second one is the Cimabue crucifixion from the republic of San Marino, and the third one a collage of crucifixions from Ajman. As we enter Holy Week, we pray that many people can follow the celebrations, if not in their churches, at least virtually as they are doing in Malta. This is the second year in a row that people are being denied participating in the Holy Triduum, the holiest of weeks. But we all continue to do our best.

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