Saturday, 21 July 2018

Youth to parents

A group of young people spoke to their parents in a group gathering. The parents were teachers, church leaders, social workers, doctors, lawyers, other professionals.
The young people told them: We need you to LISTEN to us. We need you to understand our plans, our dreams, our problems, our fears, so that you can guide us properly. We need you to TEACH us. We need to look at you and learn from your attitude, your beliefs, your values, your successes as well as your own failures. We need you to CONTROL us. If we are hurting ourselves, damaging our reputation and not helping our cause, we need you to provide us with professional and pastoral help. We need you to CHALLENGE us. Please remind us that we were created with a mission, and that with our work, our prayer life and our willpower, we can accomplish everything we dream of. Love us, Respect us and never give up on us.

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