Sunday, 8 July 2018

Why God created mothers

In the beginning, when the world was empty, all the children were in heaven. All of them were happy, playing together and enjoying all the blessings that life offered them. One day God called all the children around him and told them: ‘As you can see, the world I just created is empty. So I was thinking of sending you into the world to fill it with joy, innocence and happiness.’ Some of the children answered right away: ‘ Yes, we will go, but we have to take with us the music and singing we so much enjoy here in heaven.’ And God created birds, who sang beautiful, chirping melodious songs. Another group of children told God: ‘We too will go into the world, but we have to take with us the beautiful colors that are here in heaven, because we won’t survive without the beauty of these colors that embellish our heaven.’ And God created flowers, all kinds of floral displays with unimaginable colors.’ Yet another group of children told God: ‘We too will go into the world, but we have to also enjoy the depth and blueness of the sky, because we want to enjoy freedom and independence.’ And God created the seas and the oceans. Then a solitary boy, a  little timid and shy raised his hand and wanted to ask God a question: ‘ Dear God, if you want me to go into the world, I will never disobey you, but I need someone with me who can stay close to me, love me, take my hand and walk with me wherever I want to go.’ And God liked the idea very much. And he created mothers.

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