Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Courage, Safety, and Heroism

The past two weeks have been dominated by the search-and-rescue efforts by a large number of heroes, divers, paramedics and Navy seal members to bring the 12 Thai soccer boys and their coach to safety. Today we give tribute to the number of rescue workers who sacrificed their lives and their time and families to bring these boys to safety after a technically difficult rescue effort. It is unfortunate that our news is constantly dominated by evil stories of mass shootings, terrorism, hijackings and other tragedies. So it is imperative that we emphasize and applaud the heroism and selfless generosity of these rescue workers who have gathered in Thailand from around the globe to hopefully save these boys. As they now rest comfortably in a hospital, being quarantined for a few extra days, and recovering from their ordeal, we pray today in thanksgiving for the collective effort the world has shown towards this incredible story. 
I am sure movie script-writers are already planning for a blockbuster movie on this heroic rescue effort, but due credit should be given today to the innumerable number of heroes who helped in saving these soccer boys, in time before the monsoon rains arrive. And we thank God for keeping the rains to a minimum of 20 mm, as the average at this time is usually over 100 mm. Let us pray, and thank God for such a happy, positive outcome to this story. Let us also not forget the Thai Navy sea diver who lost his life last week in the process of helping the children out of the cave.

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