Tuesday, 24 July 2018

70 years ago

Newly married John and Mary Cassar, July 24, 1948
It was July 24, 1948, exactly 70 years ago today that my parents were married at St Julian’s parish church. I remember my mother reminiscing about that day, telling us that her uncle Fr Paul Galea celebrated Mass at the main altar, while 4 other priests celebrated a private Mass on the 4 side altars. Mass was said in Latin, and of course, concelebration was not allowed back then, and so 4 other priests whom my parents knew, celebrated a private Mass while the main Mass was going on, and the wedding vows were exchanged. The reception was held in the garden of the house where my parents lived, which was just a few houses away from the church. My grandfather, my mother’s father was an excellent baker and he prepared a 4–tier wedding cake, which must have been quite a masterpiece. Observe also in the cake photo, two smaller cakes which were made for the best men/witnesses.
The Wedding Cake
They did not speak much of their honeymoon, although most probably they spent it at home, preparing to start a family. In fact, my sister Josephine was born on April 23, 1949, and my second sister Rosemarie on April 12, 1950. I showed up 2 years later, while younger brothers Paul and Marcel came in 1955 and 1964 respectively. My mother was 19 when she was married, and my father 23. My father John died on January 4, 2002, and my mother Mary died on April 25, 2010.
The official wedding day photo
They were great providers and sacrificed their lives for us. My father had installed a telephone in our house, the first in our neighborhood, and so many neighbors used to come and call in for doctors late at night. He also bought for us a Telefunken black-and-white television in 1958, even though we could only watch Rin-Tin-Tin, Leave it to Beaven and Mr. Ed talk in Italian. My mother dressed us immaculately, my two sisters always alike and me and my brother Paul with similar outfits, which made many people think she had two sets of twins. 
After the 50th anniversary Mass - July 24, 1998
They were living their second parenthood when Julian and Peter, their only 2 grandchildren were born.  They would be so proud to know that their two grandsons are now both medical doctors. Most importantly they gave us a solid foundation for our faith, and a great sense of loyalty and integrity, especially by their dedicated example, which we all tend to appreciate more now, that they are gone. Thank you, Lord, for giving us such great loving, faith-filled and caring parents.

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