Sunday, 3 September 2017

To you, my child

If there could be only one thing in life for me to teach you, I would teach you to love......
To respect others so that you may find respect in yourself.
To learn the value of giving, so that if ever there comes a time in your life that someone really needs you, you will give generously.
To act in a manner that you wish to be treated; to be proud of yourself.
To laugh and smile as much as you can, in order to help bring joy into this troubled world.
To stand tall in this world and to learn to depend on yourself, and never depend on money or material things for your happiness.
To learn to appreciate people who love you.
To find peace and security within yourself.
To you, my child, I hope I have taught all these things, for they are love.

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  1. Hi from Bend Fr. Julian! In one short year, your warm welcome with hugs, encouragement had such a positive effect on our little family. It saw the return of my husband to the church, the baptism of our daughter, Delila and the beginning of my conversion. I'm not sure that would have happened without your gentle spirit. Thank you Father for the blessings you gave our family.

    We keep you in our prayers.

    -The Griffins