Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The Qualities of a Good Christian

The good Christian is someone who shows:
The SIMPLICITY of a child admiring bubbles.
The COURAGE of a fisherman caught in a storm.
The HUMILITY of a Mother Teresa working among the lepers.
The PRAYERFULESS of a cloistered nun in her convent.
The LOVE of two teenagers on Valentine’s Day.
The PERSEVERANCE of a soccer team losing 0-4 with 5 minutes to play, eventually winning 5-4.
The LEADERSHIP of General Patton.
The PERFECTION of a pianist playing at Carnegie Hall.
The EXUBERANCE of a million dollar lottery winner.
The FAITH of Edmund Hilary reaching the top of Mount Everest.
The GRATITUDE of a cancer patient just given a clean bill of health.
The KNOWLEDGE of a straight A student.
The FREEDOM of a glider-pilot soaring in mid-air.
The HOLINESS of many of the Saints.
The KINDNESS of a perpetual blood donor.
The PLAYFULNESS of a kitten or a puppy playing with a ball of yarn.
The JOY of a new mother after the birth of her first baby.
The HOPE of a parachutist just after exiting from a plane.
The SACRIFICE of a missionary on leaving his or her country.

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