Thursday, 11 January 2018

Pope Francis’ 10 favorite things

Pope Francis with the San Lorenzo soccer team banner
We are now all familiar with Pope Francis and how he does not mince his words before speaking, challenging and encouraging. But what are really his favourite things in life, and how does he relax and find solace in the simple things that we all enjoy in our personal lives. Here they are:
1.       His favourite music: he likes German composers, especially Mozart, as well as Bach and Beethoven and Wagner. He likes especially the ‘Et incarnatus est’ from Mozart’s Great Mass.
2.       His favourite author:  Dostojevski, Holderlin and the English Jesuit Gerard Manley Hopkins. He also loves Alessandro Manzoni, and claims he read ‘I Promessi Sposi’ (The Betrothed) several times.
3.       His favourite food: he likes small portions of food with simple recipes. His favorite is pizza, but is disappointed as he can never go to a pizzeria and eat one with his friends, or people he meets there.
4.       His favourite prayer: the Rosary...’it’s the prayer that accompanied me all my life, and it comprises the history of God’s infinite mercy.’
5.       His favourite watch: he has a plastic Swatch watch that shows the time and the date. He bought it for 50 Euros.
6.       His favourite art: his favourite painting is ‘The White Crucifix’ by Marc Chagall, but he also likes Caravaggio’s paintings, including ‘The Calling of St Matthew’ and ‘The Deposition from the Cross.’
7.       His favourite films: he does not see many films, and the last one he saw was ‘Life is Beautiful’ by Roberto Benigni. Another favourite film is ‘Babette’s Feast’, as well as ‘La Strada’ by Fellini, and ‘Roma, Citta Aperta’ by Rossellini.
8.       His favourite car: he uses a Ford Focus, but in Argentina he had a Renault, known as Renoleta. He was recently given a white Lamborghini, but sold it for charity.
9.       His favourite sport; he follows soccer, or European football, with his favourite team from Argentina San Lorenzo de Almagro.
10.   His favourite dance: he likes tango and milonga, which he danced frequently with his friends at a younger age. ‘Dancing helps you express the joy you have in your heart,’ he always says.

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