Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Jesus needs all of you

Jesus needs your feet....firmly planted on Gospel values
Your Eyes – to see the needs of the marginalized people of the world – the poor, the homeless,  the foster children, the Aids patients, , the prisoners, the refugees, the bullied, the unloved.
Your Neck – a willingness to stick one’s neck out.......to risk one’s life and one’s gifts in response to the message of Jesus Christ.
Your Heart – big enough to go outside of oneself to help.....vulnerable enough to let others in.
Your Funny Bone - easily activated....an ability to laugh at oneself and with others too. Smile! God loves you!
Your Ears – to listen attentively to the cries and whispers of the poor, the silenced, the oppressed, and to be sensitive for the needs of others.
Your Hands – willing to give and not afraid of getting soiled doing God’s work of healing a broken and wounded world.
Your Arms – ready to embrace in love, and welcome back the fallen-away from the church, and those who have gone a different road for a while.
Your Knees – willing to bend in long hours of prayer, in meditation, in reflection, in silence.
Your Feet – firmly planted....grounded in Gospel values, willing to go wherever God’s call leads to respond to the need of others.
All of you – to be a witness for Christ, and be committed to the faith, as you practice what you hear being preached, love, honesty, forgiveness, compassion, healing and concern.

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